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The Lake View Charmer


Project Goals


This colourful home on a partial acreage just off Kootenay lake is steeped in natural beauty. It was built with a generous open concept frame and ample windows, overlooking naturescape gardens on one side and the Kootenay valley on the other.

Our goal was to update the feature kitchen with a modern farmhouse style to reflect the homeowner’s tastes, while keeping the décor subtle enough that the family could incorporate eclectic pieces from their travels. This client knew what they wanted and had done their due diligence. They created thoughtful mood boards that we used to inform our design process, allowing us to understand how they wanted to feel in the space. Gathering visual examples is an excellent way to communicate your creative vision, so we often begin the design process through a little creative exploration session with the client.


"Gathering visual examples is an excellent way to communicate your creative vision, so we often begin the design process through a little creative exploration session with the client."

Project Boundaries


The open concept nature of the space helped inform our vision; we wanted to ensure that the combined kitchen, dining room and living room space felt cohesive and fluid. The room opposite the kitchen was a rich mossy green, so we

needed to curate a palate and pattern that complemented the earthy tones loved by the homeowner, while also brightening up the space. 


The rich wooden floors blended beautifully with the custom wooden island built by the homeowners. We wanted to balance these wood hues without overpowering the design with wood features.



Prairie School Flat

Uppers in Frost Matte 

Lowers in Summit Matte




Quartz in Crystal White




Domestic Bliss Knobs and

Uptown Swagger Pulls

in Modern Gold



Riad Tiles

Cement Tile

in Estrella Grey



Original Flooring



Project Outcomes


Bright, light and airy. We replaced the upper cabinets with full height glass and light white custom cabinetry—effectively expanding the vertical use of the space. We opted for a rich blue gem tone for the lower kitchen cabinets to complement the mossy green of the adjacent room and to pull the beautiful Kootenay lake hues through the space. 


The warm gold tone of the cabinet hardware blended nicely with the wooden flooring and island and brought in a modern metallic finish that elevated the space to a refined and polished look.

We supplied a striking geometric wall tile that emulated the farmhouse feel with a modern twist, which became the perfect complement to the minimal (yet elegant) kitchen cabinets and sleek white quartz countertops.


The resulting open concept design creates a cottage like feel, balancing the grandeur of nature with the warmth of a well–lived life.


Before and After

Dudley kitchen BEFORE.JPEG
Dudley kitchen AFTER.jpg

What an amazing team to work with! I have the kitchen of my dreams thanks to their hard work and attention to detail. I'm a perfectionist, and Caralee and her team made sure everything was exactly as it should be.


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