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Silica Street Re-Invention

Honorable Mention Best Kitchen Designer of 2023 🎖️

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Project Goals


This beautiful home inspires a familiar nostalgia—but not just because of its coveted character features. A local landmark, this home was the filming location of Daryl Hannah’s charming house in the movie Roxanne. Our clients purchased this coveted house in their neighborhood, having strolled past it for many years.


Beaming with natural light, high ceilings and loads of personality, the entire home was in the process of being thoughtfully updated by the new homeowners, utilizing their unique style and quirky touches.

Our role involved supplying cabinets and the custom butcher block, and coordinating their installation within the larger home renovation.


"Our design process entails researching our clients’ lifestyle and how they want to feel in their homes. Thoughtful details give a space a personality of its own and transform a house into a home that residents can treasure and enjoy."

Project Boundaries


The homeowners of this iconic building take their role as stewards seriously. Throughout this project, they maintained an artful eye and an attention to detail that warmed our hearts. 

A key requirement was to remodel the space in such a way that new materials felt like they had always belonged, infusing the design with functionality as well as a timeless ambiance.


With utility in mind, the design needed to uphold the home’s minimalist charm, in part by stowing gadgets and ingredients away in custom cabinets and a bespoke pantry. The family loves to cook and make homemade pasta, so it was particularly important to design a thick and sturdy butcher block countertop to support the pasta maker.

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Prairie School Flat

in Natural Maple


Highland Beaded

in Vintage Atmosphere



Vertical grain fir

Butcher block counter tops
Natural oil finish



Client Supplied




Engineered Oak


AmandaMaryCreative_Spruced_009 - Copy.jpg

Project Outcomes


Inspired by the elegant simplicity of deVOL kitchens, we brought this project to life with thoughtful material selection and sustainability in mind. Samurai Hardwood Flooring had installed historically accurate oak flooring throughout the home and had chosen a wider plank for a modern aesthetic. To create cohesion with the flooring, we installed classic shaker kitchen cabinet doors in natural maple, and a custom-made fir butcher block for the island. Set at a lower height than the rest of the counters, the thick butcher slab conveys a sturdy, bold presence softened by rich periwinkle cabinets below, complete with a distressed finish, beadboard accents and a lovely furniture kick base.


We collaborated with the homeowners to engineer thoughtful storage features in the pantry and cabinets. We installed a counter cabinet with a hidden laptop storage area and charging station for a secure and seamless workspace. In a room just off the kitchen, the homeowners created a stylish pantry complete with prep counters and an area for the family cat’s accoutrements.  Brooke, our detail-savvy finish carpenter, added a custom fridge frame equipped with magnetic 5” sidewalls to allow easy access to plugs and pipes, and a possible future larger fridge.

As designers, we know that one’s environment has a profound influence over quality of life. Our design process entails researching our clients’ lifestyles and how they want to feel in their homes. Thoughtful details give a space a personality of its own and transform a house into a home that residents can treasure and enjoy.


This design principle can be seen in the finished product. Careful attention to detail produced a functional yet warm and inviting atmosphere that will serve this artist’s home for decades to come.


Before and After

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"The previous kitchen was much-loved, but had reached the end of its life. In opening up the kitchen, dining room, and hallway to create a large family-oriented space, we wanted to be careful to preserve the warmth and friendliness that first attracted us to this beautiful old home. Caralee and Carsen gave us tonnes of great advice and steered us away from some bad decisions, so we really appreciate that. We’re so happy with our new kitchen. Thanks for bringing it to life for us. "


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