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Seniors Centre Spruce-Up

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Project Goals


Housed in the time-honoured Civic Block, the Nelson Seniors Centre is an important part of our vibrant community, offering a place to gather over a game of bridge and a cup of tea, or to strengthen the mind and body through music and yoga. 


Building codes, as well as aesthetic tastes and community needs, have changed since the installation of the original kitchen over half a century ago, and it was time to update the event space and kitchen to meet modern standards. 


"When selecting materials for high-traffic areas, it’s important to plan for material maintenance or replacement to keep
costs down and extend product life."

Project Boundaries


Unlike residential projects, the design for this busy activity centre and community kitchen had to be flexible enough to serve a wide range of clients and functions, from casual beverage service to “Nelson-formal” membership dinners. Moreover, accessibility was a key design factor to take into consideration. Finally, the space needed built-in storage to house equipment, furnishings and kitchenware that could be quickly and comfortably transitioned between events.
We targeted good quality, lasting materials that would remain aesthetically relevant for decades to come yet would fit within our non-profit client’s budget. This project was the perfect opportunity to collaborate with the Seniors Centre’s warmhearted volunteers, and to re-invest a little charm back into our beloved Kootenay community.

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Manhattan Flat

in Arctic White


Copy of AmandaMaryCreative_SprucedKitchens_014.jpg


in Willow


Copy of AmandaMaryCreative_SprucedKitchens_032.jpg


Acadia in Brushed

Satin Nickel


Copy of AmandaMaryCreative_SprucedKitchens_019.jpg


Ceramic  Artisan Series
in White Glossy


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Client Sourced


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Project Outcomes


After taking the time to really understand the daily needs of this commercial space, we put our Accessibility Design training to work.  Once a dividing wall was removed, we transitioned the space into a large open concept room that is easy to navigate with wheelchairs and walkers.


Due to the expected heavy use, the kitchen counters would no doubt incur scratches, stains and burns over time, which guided us to select an affordable Corian countertop to accommodate wear and tear. These antimicrobial countertops are a solid surface that can be endlessly refinished for a fresh and flawless look. When selecting materials for high-traffic areas, it’s important to plan for material maintenance or replacement to keep costs down and extend product life. 


With that principle in mind, we selected Lectus cabinets in a shaker door style, with solid wood casing and maple dovetail drawers. We added a few finishing touches to optimize the cabinetry with accessible hardware, soft-close drawers, storage rollouts, and adjustable shelving so that items can be reached effortlessly.


For a touch of style and polish, we installed a Zellige tile backsplash in a traditional brick pattern. With a slightly uneven, glossy veneer,  this artisan tile brightens up neutral colour pallets and creates a luxurious feel.


Lastly, we added a built-in lockbox for the secure collection of payments, and an event station to display schedules and information that doubles as a discrete storage unit for folding tables. 


We believe that a space should always serve the people who use it and make them feel welcome and valued. With pretty features and a purpose-built design, this community space was transformed into an inviting and homey place to gather and enjoy.

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Before and After

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Thank you, Caralee, for your help in choosing the right kitchen design for our needs. The seniors in our community will enjoy this kitchen for many years to come. You deserve recognition for a job well done!


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